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About Us

This is a couple’s page.

We both have access, but the male runs the page.

We adore connecting and playing online on cam with everyone - We are looking to develop long term online friendships and relationships with play partners who are into watching and being watched.

The first time I ever had an orgasm on cam my exhibitionism was out in full force. I had never experienced anything like this before. There is a certain deliciousness that comes with exposing yourself on cam and then watching the look in Her eyes that speak of hot carnal desire. It just made me more hard and hungry for Her. I was in awe of this hunger that raged inside me, and still does.

This Is My Heat

With time we discovered that we were both turned on by having other couples join us in play. We love the opportunity it gives us to meet different people from all walks of life.

We’ve haven't had many delicious plays with others. But we've had a few bizarre experiences and one or two that you had to be there to actually witness in order to believe.

Anne Alan


== ==

75% Daddy/Mommy

68% Owner

67% Voyeur

67% Sadist

65% Exhibitionist

57% Degrader

50% Non-monogamist

48% Primal (Hunter)

45% Dominant

44% Master/Mistress

43% Vanilla

42% Experimentalist

27% Rigger

11% Switch


== ==

100% Exhibitionist

100% Brat

100% Slave

100% Switch

100% Degradee

100% Voyeur

100% Rigger

100% Rope bunny

100% Experimentalist

100% Primal (Hunter)

100% Non-monogamist

99% Primal (Prey)

90% Submissive

86% Dominant

80% Daddy/Mommy

80% Master/Mistress

78% Sadist

63% Boy/Girl

58% Owner

44% Pet

41% Vanilla

33% Masochist

27% Degrader

Just Us

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When I am on webcam adult chat, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.

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When I am on webcam, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.

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